The Bucket List

Before the Metaphoric Bucket is Kicked

I've always been very ambitious. Always looking for something to strive for, something further that I can achieve. And in doing so I always seem to find myself losing focus, and focusing on the next big thing! So I've decided to make some-what of a bucket-list! Basically this will be a record of goals I have set for myself, how far into the goal have I achieved, and what milestones have I hit to achieve it! These goals will not be in any chronological order, but such is the chaos of life!

I see this as an attempt to push myself trough the barriers that I constantly set for myself, and pursue my goals in an effective way!

Learn PHP

Learn JavaScript

Learn Java

Create a Short Animation

Craft a Kitchen Knife

Learn 3D Modeling

Build and Sell a Brand

Get a High Rank in S4