Smart Speech is a private speech pathology service located in Research (Eltham), situated next to the Eltham Little Theatre.
We are a specialised and experienced speech pathology practice for children. Smart Speech has been offering private speech pathology services since 2008 with over 25 years of experience behind them. Smart Speech therapists strongly believe in the development of communication skills within the context of the family, with parents developing their skills to assist their children in becoming better communicators.

No referral is required to access Smart Speech services. You are very welcome to contact us at Smart Speech to discuss your concerns.

Smart Speech is a registered FaHCSIA service provider for the helping Children with Autism and Better Start Initiatives

Children can be seen from infancy through to end of primary school years but may extend into high school depending on their communication needs.

Contact us if you are concerned that your child:

  • Has difficulty making their speech clear enough to be understood

  • Has difficulty understanding spoken language

  • has trouble understanding or using 'non-verbal' communication skills (eye gaze, pointing, facial expression, natural gestures)

  • Is getting frustrated by their difficulties in expressing themselves

  • Gets stuck or cannot express their thoughts smoothly (may repeat words or parts of words, stretch out sounds or get stuck trying to get a word out)

  • Has difficulty engaging in imaginative play appropriate to their age
  • Substitutes or deletes sounds in their speech

  • Has difficulty following verbal instructions

  • Has difficulty expressing their thoughts effectively for their age

  • Is slow to talk or is not developing more sophisticated sentences as expected for their age

  • Is struggling to learn to read and/or spell

  • Has difficulty using their language skills when interacting with people (social communication difficulties)